Returning to School: Supporting Students, Educators, and School Communities

Free online workshops on social, emotional, and behavioral health for schools to support preparation for the school year following the impact of COVID-19.  

This series was specifically developed to provide training and support for educators and school staff as they return to school. It is focused on helping schools feel more prepared to support the social, emotional and behavioral health needs of their school community related to the impact of COVID-19 and building social justice in schools.

The three workshops are designed for school professionals that offer information, strategies and resources on key topics when returning to school. They also feature interviews with educators sharing about their practice. The content applies to schools who are providing in-person, hybrid, or remote learning.

Creating a Community of Care for Educators in Schools: A Guided Reflection

This workshop will explore the challenges educators may encounter upon returning to school. It offers practices and frameworks for building a culture of care within a school that includes both the educator themselves and the wider school community. Designed to be a starting point, this workshop includes reflection questions, ideas, and activities for building a plan along with interviews from educators discussing their ​self-care practices and the impact of these on their work in schools.

Educators in Conversation: Centering Healing Justice in Schools

In this workshop, four educators committed to healing justice in their classrooms and communities engage in a conversation about their hopes, their practices, and how they are preparing for the school year ahead during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We discuss  schools as locations  for healing justice; exploring how to promote individual and community wellness/healing while dismantling systemic racism and educational inequities. ​

Welcoming Students Back to School: Strategies to Support Social Emotional Skills

This workshop shares key elements in developing strategies for supporting students with social-emotional skills when returning to school. It provides a variety of creative trauma-informed strategies that are easy to implement with students focusing on creating consistency, building relationships, and identifying and expressing feelings.  Interviews with educators are featured as they share how they have incorporated social-emotional learning into their practice.


This series is part of the Clough Foundation Training and Access Project (TAP) Online, which offers free online trainings on social, emotional, and behavioral health in schools. Learn more about TAP Online and register for our other free trainings.

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